Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Melting Pot Art!

And here's our family! :-)

The art below was made by my 4.5 year old today. (Note: the multiple circles around the eyes in the first and third people indicate glasses — a new milestone for big brother! The other circles are ears.).

Here are two art projects my boys have enjoyed:

People chipboard*

My son’s preschool sent one of these home with every student so that they could make their own “mini-me”. Some parents - I mean kids LOL - went all out and made custom outfits using all kinds of art supplies. My son decorated his as a “golden knight” (“NOT silver, Mom—GOLD.”). Most parents printed out a photo of their child’s face to paste on the head so that it really looks like them.

Little brother recently received a whole pack of these for his birthday (thanks, Lesli!), and the boys had fun making themselves and the rest of our family. Hurray for for self-expression!

Make-A-Face Sheets*

At our first Melting Pot Moms—OC Family Day Meet & Greet (a year ago), one of the activities for the kids was to draw a self-portrait. I found face die-cuts of all different shades at my local teaching supply store.It was so cute to see the kids' creations! While on the surface it appears to be just another fun art project, I truly believe self-exploration through art is a great self-esteem builder. :-)

*Both of these can be found at your local teaching supply store (although you may have to try a few). Teaching supply stores are GREAT resources—I often find art supplies/learning actvities/gifts/etc. there that would never be found at other craft stores...or that store with the red and white bull’s eye *wink*).

Happy creating!

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