Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Melting Pot Miracle :-)

Three years ago a beautiful brave soul came into this world, fighting for his life. My son was born with a condition that has a long name…but basically, his intestines ruptured in-utero(unknown to us), causing severe damage to his insides. After six weeks in the NICU, two surgeries, and a year and a half of receiving treatment for cystic fibrosis (C.F. is highly correlated with his condition), my little Leo Lion was given a clean bill of health (!). He is now completely healthy, with just a tiny issue that requires monitoring.

I am humbled to know that we were so lucky, and amazingly grateful for all of the prayers that carried us through those scary times. I am so proud of my happy little charmer who loves to make us laugh and who gives the best hugs and “smackaroos” a mom could ever want.

Happy birthday to my lovebug!
Love, Mama

(posted by Angela, Founder of MPM)

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