Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Foreign Languages for Little Ones

I love Lango! Lango is a relatively new company that provides foreign language classes for little ones; they currently have Spanish and French classes, with Mandarin starting in '09. They are only in CA right now, but I believe they will be expanding (good business opportunity for SAHM's!).

Yours truly will be teaching French! The program is VERY entertaining (parachuttes, puppets, music, and all sorts of games). I've been practicing on my boys, and even though it's MOM, they keep asking for more French lessons - a very encouraging sign! :-) I almost teared up when my they made a little video singing the French song I taught them. ((sigh)) I'm SO sentimental - LOL.

If you're reading this blog, you probably appreciate the value of exposing kids early to other languages (or your family might very well be multilingual already!). I can't believe how easily little ones can pick up accents - even the gutteral French "rrrr"s that are so hard for English-speakers. If you haven't already exposed your little one to another language, I highly recommend it.

Alors, à la prochaine!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing

Nikki aka Euphoria Luv said...

I agree that introducing a second language is important.

I would love for my son to learn korean...I have korean CD of folk tales I sometimes play but haven't found anything to teach babies in korean...yet!