Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groundbreaking Book for Children: "Faith"

At the same time that I hope my children will honor and value different cultures from around the world, I also hope that they will respect different religions from around the world. The way I see it, different religions are (in most cases) simply different cultural manifestations of the same desire for spirituality and closeness to God (or whatever name you might call him).

This book is one we are definitely going to add to our collection ~ check it out!

"Faith celebrates the diversity of religious expression around the world, revealed through stunning photographs of children praying, singing, learning, and caring for one another and their communities. Intended for ages 4 through 10, Faith introduces young readers to religious tolerance by highlighting common threads that bring people together in reverence and joy.

The book is already generating buzz: Kirkus Reviews called Faith “impeccably designed . . . a superb way to show children that there are many means of expressing religious faith.” "
This book is offered by the Global Fund for Children ~ an awesome organization! And the book can be purchased here: https://www.transactionserver1.com/_secureshopper/index.asp?ssid=18 (Many more great books to choose from - love it!)

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