Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Calling all little Melting Pot Models! :-)

For those of you in the LA area, you are invited to a casting/photo shoot for Kip Fulbeck's upcoming book "Mixed Kids"! This is a great opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking project.

Here are the details:

*** children 12 and under needed for new book ***

Internationally renown artist Kip Fulbeck (author of "Part Asian, 100% Hapa") will be photographing in Manhattan Beach for his new book on Mixed Kids this Saturday 3/7 from 11:00 - 2:30.

"Mixed Kids" will be published by Chronicle Books in 2010 and features an introduction by Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng, a nationally recognized educator, mixed race identity specialist, and sister of Barack Obama.

Kip Fulbeck has been featured on CNN, MTV, and PBS and has exhibited his photography and films in over 20 countries. You may have seen the PBS Newshour feature on his Hapa Project which aired nationally last month.

The photo shoot will take place SATURDAY, MARCH 7th from 11:00 - 2:30 in Manhattan Beach. This will be the last L.A. area shoot so don't miss it!

We are seeking ANY multiracial kids 12 years old and under for this groundbreaking book. We particularly need kids who are:- Part Central/South American- Part Middle Eastern- Part Pakistani/South Asian- Part Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Tongan, Chamorro or other Islander- Part Laotian/Cambodian/Hmong/Vietnamese/Thai/Southeast Asian

If you are interested in giving your child the chance to be featured in a major book, please email Angela at meltingpotmoms[at]yahoo[dot]com for details and location.

FOR MORE DETAILS, INSTRUCTIONS AND FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PLEASE VISIT: "Continue to" on the bottom right, then scroll down to October 12th if you don't get directed straight to the FAQs)

See you Saturday! :-)

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Nikki aka Euphoria Luv said...

wow what a great project. I look forward to seeing the book